Bureau Rules

By Joining District 15 Speakers’ Bureau, You Agree to the Following:

  • Audience.AlperCugun.Flickr.CCBY2.0You are currently a paid member of a District 15 club and have attained Competent Communication status.
  • You will keep your contact information current by notifying the Bureau Chair of any changes.
  • Organizations will contact you directly.
  • Speakers are responsible for promoting themselves and the bureau.
  • District 15 Speakers Bureau cannot guarantee you a speaking opportunity.
  • You will mention Toastmasters somewhere in your presentation and direct audiences to the District 15 Website for more information whenever possible. We also recommend you leave behind Toastmasters promotional information.
  • Accepting a speaking engagement means you make that opportunity your top priority for the scheduled date. You alone are responsible for making contact with the hiring organization for any engagement, postponement or cancellation of any speaking engagement.  In the case of an emergency, it is your responsibility, not the bureau’s, to provide a substitute speaker immediately.
  • Our speakers demonstrate professionalism and courtesy in all aspects of the planning and presentation for their speaking engagements. You will refrain from profane or offensive language and comments.
  • Neither the Speakers Bureau nor District 15 is responsible in any manner for any conflicts or problems resulting from your speaking engagement.
  • To protect its non-profit status, Toastmasters does not allow speakers to charge for engagements gained through the bureau. However, you may accept a meal, paid or reimbursed travel expenses, a small (non-cash) gift, and/or a donation in the form of a check on behalf of your club and District 15.  Please share this donation with the district.
  • According to Toastmasters International bureau bi-laws, all club funds gained through the bureau are to be used for educational purposes (i.e. purchasing educational materials for the club).

NOTE: The District 15 Speakers Bureau Executive Committee has the authority to terminate your membership if you are in violation of any of these terms.