Benefits of Joining

Benefits of Joining District 15 Speakers Bureau

  • Speakers can give longer presentations.
  • TheSummitThursday.WebSimmit.Flickr.CCBY2.0Joining allows Toastmasters members to polish their speaking skills and develop as speakers by “expanding their horizons” to major Toastmasters events and non-Toastmasters audiences.
  • The bureau offers a forum where speakers can express their passion on a subject, promote their expertise in certain subjects, and make a difference in people’s lives by sharing their information with the public.
  • Speakers have the opportunity to promote their expertise and professional services.
  • For those wanting to become a professional speaker, the bureau provides opportunities to prove yourself as a speaker, to establish a history of speaking engagements, and to make yourself known to potential clients. No fee speaking engagements can lead to paid speaking engagements and to sales of products or services.
  • For professional speakers, the bureau allows you to be “out there” where potential clients can find you and get to know you. If potential clients don’t know about you, they can’t hire or recommend you.  If they don’t know about your products or services, they can’t buy them.
  • For Toastmasters pursuing the credentials of Accredited Speaker available through Toastmasters International, the bureau provides the opportunity to accumulate speaking engagements to become eligible to apply and gives you a forum where you can prepare. Read more about the Accredited Speaker Program at
  • The bureau provides a forum where Toastmasters can spread word about the organization and attract new members to their club, other clubs or create interest in forming new clubs.
  • For district and club members, the bureau provides access to a pool of presenters for training, Speechcraft, club meetings or your other organizations.