Application Process

Annual Application Process

Please submit the following to

  • LondonCalling.RobertCouseBaker.Flickr.CCBY2.0Your name and member ID.
  • Your (200-250 pixel) portrait.
  • Your contact phone, email and (optional) Website.
  • Your biography (limit 150 words).
  • Your preferred speaking area (including state) and travel willingness/availability. (Are you willing to travel outside your preferred speaking area?  How far are you willing to travel?  Will travel require advance notice and/or paid or reimbursed travel expenses?)
  • At least one 20-30 minute presentation for your bureau repertoire. You are encouraged to update your profile later to add up to 3 total speeches.
  • A list of other roles you may be interested in performing: emcee, meeting facilitator, coach, consultant, trainer, keynote speaker, target speaker (for Toastmasters contests)…
  • A Web link to your 20-minute qualifying speech. This must be videotaped before a live audience of your choice.  This can be a speech from your bureau repertoire.

Note: To make yourself more enticing to organizations, make your biography and speech titles/descriptions “snappy” and build up your repertoire to three speeches.