All downloads on our website are optional.  However, you might find it useful to read through them.


 Speaking Downloads

As Toastmasters, we improve our craft through practice and feedback.  This Feedback Form may be useful for self-improvement, but it can also be used to gather testimonials for promoting yourself.  You may use this form or create your own.


 Your main speaking opportunities will likely be from local churches and clubs – like Rotary or Lions – that will not require contracts.  This Speaking Contract and Travel Addendum were created mainly for long-distance speaking engagements.  The contract can be used as a worksheet for all engagements, but it also contains an area for those wishing to sell your products or services after your presentation.  (Client approval required.)  Feel free to use these downloads or create your own with the information they provide.  If you choose to create your own, please remove all liability from the Bureau and District 15.  Do not use these documents for paid speaking engagements not obtained through the Bureau.



  Promotional Downloads

The promotional materials here are optional.  You may download and personalize them, or, if you choose to create your own, pleas highlight District 15 Speakers Bureau and our Website on your material.