Books and Links

Developmental Resources

Some of our speakers may wish to develop as professional speakers.  The following links and referrals may help toward that end.



These books, and others like them, may be available for purchase through your local bookstore, or you can borrow them through your local library or through an interlibrary loan.

  • Free e-book download at as advertised in Toastmaster magazine.
  • How to Become a Million Dollar Speaker: the Steve Siebold Story by Elliot Saltzman, © 2012
  • Million Dollar Speaking: The Professional’s Guide to Building Your Platform by Alan Weiss, © 20109780764559549_p0_v1_s192x300
  • The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Success as a Professional Speaker by Thom Lisk, © 2008
  • Speak for a Living: An Insider’s Guide to Building a Professional Speaking Career by Anne Bruce, © 2008
  • Public Speaking for Dummies by Malcolm Kushner, © 2004
  • Money Talks: How to Make a Million as a Speaker by Alan Weiss, © 1998



“Going Public: How I Grew My Speaking Business”; Caren Neile, Toastmaster magazine (available online at the TI website), Feb. 2015, page 14-15.

“How to Become a Motivational Speaker”:

“How to Market Yourself As a Speaker”:

LJL Seminars: FREE Public Speaking Tips (Links to their articles.)

“How to Write a Press Release”:



“The Entire Process For Getting Paid Speaking Gigs From Start To Finish”:

american dollars in the hands“How to Land Your First Paid Speaking Gig with Grant Baldwin”:

How to become a motivational speaker – A PAID Speaker!”:

“Becoming a Motivational Speaker: Where to Begin”:

“Get Paid: How to become a public speaker”:


Professional Websites

Though we do not require our speakers to have a personal or professional website, listing one with your contact information may assist you in obtaining paid speaking opportunities.  The following sites may provide tips or examples for creating your own site.

 What makes a great speaker website

jouw-top-10-gitaristen-zijn-11279-w800“Ten Great Speaker Websites”:

“Speaker Website – How to build a website to get speaking engagements”:

“Coming up with ideas for speaker website (building a speaker site)”:

“What to Add in Your Speaker Page on Your Website”:

Articles on creating a speaker page for your website

“How to Market Yourself as a Speaker”:

“Become a Professional Speaker: Add a Speaker Page to Your Website”:


Websites of Famous Speakers:

Les Brown –

Barbara De Angelis –

Karen Drucker –

dyerenews_weekly_template_waynelouiseDr. Wayne W. Dyer –

Louise Haye –

Suze Orman –

Tony Robbins –

Jim Rohn –

Iyanla Vanzant –

Zig Ziglar –