August 13: 

Seeking Committee Members: We want to expand our Bureau team.  If you would like to join the Bureau as part of the Committee team, please notify me at

Bureau Name Change: Our URL expired in early August, and we’ve decided “District 15 Speakers Bureau” isn’t “catchy” enough.  What do you think our new name should be?  Please submit your suggestion to before September 30.  A new URL will follow.

January 30:

Bureau Complete: I’ve changed the About Us page, and the Bureau website is now complete.  However, we may still accept promotional material or articles offered from our speakers or Bureau team.

New Members Welcome: The Bureau is now accepting new committee members and applications for speakers.  It has come to my attention that some may be at a loss for a 20-minute audition speech.  My suggestion: use one of the speeches from the Better Speaker, Leadership Excellence or Successful Club series.  They’re under used, longer, and available in free digital downloads.

Pictures Requested: All pictures currently on this site are Creative Commons or Public Domain images from online sources.  I would like to replace these with pictures of district members.  Please send me pictures of your club members speaking at the lectern or podium (with their permissions, of course), and please include the speaker’s name, the club name and the club’s location with the picture.

Your Success and Ours: The success of the bureau and its speakers will be reliant on the speakers’ promotional efforts.  When there are enough speakers in your area, please send a press release to your local papers and start your promotional efforts.