About Us

The purpose of Toastmasters District 15 Speakers Bureau is to give our members a platform to get more speaking opportunities.  It is an opportunity for novice speakers to grow their speaking skills outside the club environment.  It’s an opportunity for advanced speakers to promote themselves and/or to gain enough presentations to apply for the Accredited Speaker program.  And it’s an opportunity to promote and grow Toastmasters, our District and our clubs.

Microphone.JuanAlvaro.Flickr.CCBY2.0The Bureau operates entirely online, allowing our speakers to reach a broader base of clients.  While most bureaus have clients contact the bureau’s chairman and the chairman chooses a speaker for the client, the size of our district makes that unreasonable.  Our clients choose their own speakers and contact them directly.

If you are a client, we invite you to browse our list of speakers and contact one that meets your needs.  Use this site often!  We would also like to invite you to visit a Toastmasters club near you.

If you are a Toastmasters member, we are actively seeking members to add to our speakers page and the Bureau team.  We look forward to adding YOU to our site.

If you are already a Bureau speaker, you are responsible for promoting yourself and the Bureau.  It’s a win-win situation.  If there are 10 speakers in your area, that’s 10 speakers promoting the Bureau and YOU!

 Good luck to all of you!

~ Kelly Garner, Bureau Chair, 2016-17

A special thanks to Rich Rodgers, District 16’s Bureau Chairman, for his advice and support in establishing the bureau.